Som gæst på vores steakhouse vælger du selv, hvordan bøffen skal grilles, når du sætter kryds på stegesedlen. Husk blot, at der er mest smag i en bøf, der er stegt ”rød” eller ”medium”.

Skær bøffen over på midten, og se om den er stegt som bestilt. Spis så bøffen fra midten og udefter. På den måde får du det bedste først.

House Made Rye Bread    2.5
With salted butter.

Gravad Lax Salmon    18    
With a sweet mustard sauce. Carved at your table.

Smoked Ocean Trout Croquettes  20
Shrimps, pickled red onion and tartar crème fraiche.

Pressed Goats Cheese  18
Piquillo peppers, pickled leeks, balsamic.

Chicken Liver Pâté  18
House brioche, apple chutney.

Duck Terrine  20
Caramelised onion, Parma ham, dried fig jam, crostini.

Chicken Asparagus Tart  18
Herb salad.

Frikadeller  17
(Danish Meatballs). With braised red cabbage, parsley and pickled cucumber.

Oysters   ½ Dozen      22
Natural - Shallot and sherry vinegar.
Kilpatrick -  Smoked bacon and house made sauce.
Baked - Garlic, herb butter & parmesan.



Certified Grass fed Beef

Chefs and farmers know that happy, healthy animals taste better, which is why we use Pinnacle Certified Grassfed Beef. Sourced only from the Top 4% of MSA Graded Cattle in Australia, Pinnacle Beef is 100% Grass Fed, Marble Score 2+, Free Range, No Hormones and Antibiotic Free - GUARANTEED.

160g    38
250g    47
The most tender cut of beef available.

500g    92
Carved at your table, and is enough for 2 people.
(Please allow 30 minutes cooking time.)

250g    37
Fine grained, low in fat, the Sirloin is a tender steak with good flavour intensity.

300g    45
Very flavoursome, juicy and tender cut from the upper rib cage between ribs 6-12.

500g    55
The best of both worlds. Eye Fillet and Sirloin in the one steak.

300g    35
Hangs (hence the name) between the rib and the loin. This lesser known steak has long been prized by butchers for its full flavour and richness.

Dry Aged Beef

Sourced from Hereford cattle from our own farm, along with other British breeds of cattle from the lush pastures of Victoria and South Australia. We hang and dry age the beef in our purpose built facility in the Adelaide Hills for a minimum of 45 days, before butchering in-house. The result is the ultimate expression of beef in terms of flavour and tenderness.
*Please note, Dry Aged Beef does not benefit from cooking past medium.

45 Day Dry Aged Beef

CÔTE DE BOEUF (Ribeye on the Bone)
500g    58
700g    80
The 700g steak is carved at your table, and is enough for 2 people. (Please allow 30 minutes cooking time)

(Sirloin on the Bone)
400g    49

350g    38
The most flavoursome cut of steak. Coupled with the tenderising effect of dry ageing makes this our go-to steak.

Extreme Beef

(Ribeye on the Bone) 500g    90
Experience the effects of Dry Ageing when taken out to an incredible 100 days. The flavours created when aged for this length of time are unlike any other, with extreme flavour intensity and tenderness.

1.4kg Certified Grassfed  Marble Score 2+ Tomahawk  carved at your table     140

400g    65
This wonder from Little Joe is at the global summit of grassfed beef quality. Marble score 4+ from grassfed beef has previously been unheard of. A must try.

All Extreme Beef steaks come with House Made Chips and Your Choice of Sauce.

Dry Aged Mutton
Dry Aged Saltbush Mutton loin
300g    35
We have developed this world first product - dry aged mutton.  Sourced from Dorper sheep grazed on saltbush in the pastoral regions of South Australia, we dry age it for 30 days. The result is a super tender piece of meat, packed with flavour.  It’s everything you love about lamb, but tastes nothing like the mutton horror stories your parents may have mentioned.

BEEF SHORT RIBS (10 Hour Slow Cooked)

1 Rib Rack    27
2 Rib Racks    39
Served with our delicious house made sauce.

Oven baked NT Barramundi fillet with sorrel butter    38



Spiced butternut pumpkin, ancient grains, feta cheese and basil pesto.    10
Potato salad, raisins, bacon and chives.    10
Coleslaw, white and red cabbage, carrots and mustard dressing.    10

Potato gratin, rosemary and garlic cream.    10
Braised red cabbage, smoked bacon    10
Seasonal Vegetables    10
Ask your waiter for today's selection

House made chips    5

Add a lobster tail to any steak    16

All main courses are served with your choice of:
Béarnaise Sauce, Pepper Sauce, Mushroom Sauce

Seasoned Butter (Garlic or Truffle)



A Hereford Special    15
Vanilla ice cream with raisins in rum, ginger, whipped cream, powder coffee, Caloric liqueur.

Crème Brûlée    15
honey and lavender ice cream.

Coconut Panna Cotta    15
Pineapple and mango salsa.

Chocolate Mocha Tart    15
Kahlua cream and vanilla ice cream.

Spiced Date Pudding    15
Caramel sauce, praline ice cream.

Mixed Dessert Plate for Two    30
Coconut Panna Cotta. Spiced Date Pudding. Chocolate Mocha Tart. Crème Brûlée.

Cheese Board    25
Quince paste, grapes, lavosh biscuits.


Espresso Coffee    4
TBar    4.20    

Chai, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green, Lemon Grass, Peppermint.

Spice Chai    4


Espresso shot     8
with Vanilla Ice cream

With a shot of Liqueur    15
Frangelico, Baileys, Tia Maria, Galliano, Kahlua.


Liqueur Coffee    14
Long black with a shot of Spirit/Liqueur topped with whipped vanilla bean cream.

Irish (Jamesons)
Irish (Baileys)
Russian (Vodka)
French (Cointreau)
Jamaican (Tia Maria/Rum)


Grilled Chicken Breast
With French fries and tomato sauce.

Beef Burger
With tomato sauce, lettuce, tomato, and French fries.

Sirloin Steak
(Approx. 125 g). With French fries or a baked potato.

Two Sausages
With French fries and tomato sauce.

Sugared Churros
With hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream
With hot chocolate sauce.

Prices in Australian Dollars. All prices are inclusive of GST. Prices are subject to alterations and misprints. A 10% surcharge applies on Public Holidays.